View of Düsseldorf
View of Düsseldorf

9 camping destinations around Düsseldorf: Sustainable travel

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Düsseldorf is so beautiful that you don't even really want to leave the city. And if you’ve seen all the nice sights and do decide to leave it to go on a vacation you won't want to go too far so you can be right back in no time.

This not only keeps travel planning wonderfully uncomplicated and stress-free but regional travel also happens to be good for your wallet, the environment and the local economy. With the standard capacity of our CamperBoys vehicles of 80 liters you can travel over 900 kilometres as long as you drive in an environmentally friendly manner. That’s 900 kilometers of adventure, nature and relexation in the region.
We have taken a look at Düsseldorf's surroundings and can now proudly prove to you that you don’t have to leave Düsseldorf far behind to go on exciting excursions: Our highlights and leisure activities in your area. Perfect for a relaxing weekend road trip with your loved ones!

9 destinations around Düsseldorf you can reach with a full tank

Spectacular views on the Kahler Asten

With a distance of about 170 kilometers between Düsseldorf and the Kahler Asten this mountain is a somewhat more distant destination but the fantastic views it has to offer are worth every minute of the drive. From the Astenturm you can enjoy a view of up to 100 kilometers into the country on a clear day and can also see the famous Brocken in the Harz mountains, among other things. If you like to be active on your holidays you can hike through the high heath on the summit and enjoy the splashing of the Lenne spring or visit a weather station of the German Weather Service. Or you can simply enjoy the feeling of being one with nature at 841 meters above ground.
Camping tip: The campsite Winterberg which lies at the foot of the Kahler Asten is looking forward to your visit and can offer a sauna and numerous sports and leisure activities of all kinds to you within close proximity to the campsite.

Balance act in the water ropes course

A woman swims in the lake.
Lake Kronenburg near the German-Belgian border is not only a great place for a swim and to explore the surroundings on a hike around the lake but swimmers can also test their balance without the need for any safety ropes! The water ropes course in the lake is unique in Germany. Here, you can test skills such as dangling, balancing, sliding and gliding about one metre above the surface of the water – and if you slip you won’t fall into a safety net but simply into the water. Therefore, the course is only suitable for people who can swim. Additional safety is ensured as well as the facility is only open while a supervisor is present.
Camping tip: Campingpark Kronenburger See is located directly at the lake. Those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle would ususally opt for the idyllic campsite on the Sonnenhang.

Going international - Off to the Netherlands!

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Among all the advantages of living in North Rhine-Westphalia the proximity to the Netherlands is definitely at the top of the list. Trips to our neighboring country are feasible from Düsseldorf with minimal time expenditure. The city of Venlo, for example, is just across the border and only about 70 kilometres from our Düsseldorf site. So you can even cross the German border in an environmentally friendly way that doesn't hurt your wallet! Admire the historic walls, enjoy one of the countless cafés and restaurants or take advantage of the city’s wide range of cultural offerings.
Camping tip: Not far from Venlo - only about 11 kilometres away - is the impressive vacation park BreeBronne. You wil feel right at home here with the Bron directly at the campsite, access to a lido and the green surroundings of the park.

Relax in Europe's hottest thermal springs

Unwind in the water, relax and experience the healing powers of water first hand? In the Carolus thermal baths in Aachen you can do just that. The regenerative effect of water has been known since ancient times. In the Carolus thermal baths this effect can be experienced in pools of different temperatures. An additional relaxation room as well as the brine steam bath and an outdoor pool with a flow channel and waterfall ensure complete relaxation. Deeply relaxed, you can then visit the beautiful city of Aachen the next day.
Camping tip: The thermal baths are not far away from the Hammerbrücke nature campsite which really lives up to its name. Only 25 minutes by car are separating you from your sleeping place in the middle of nature.

Take a stroll in the gardens of Landsberg Castle

Situated in a quiet forest above the access road is the picturesque and beautiful Landsberg Castle, one of the many castles that North Rhine-Westphalia has to offer. While the interior of the castle is unfortunately not accessible to visitors the outside of the castle is a nice view in itself and the castle also boasts a large, pristine park. In the forest adjoining the park several hiking trails invite you to hike for several hours. Here, you can expect a varied landscape of forest and meadow, small streams and an idyllic natural landscape.
Camping tip: Very close to the castle you can settle down at the campsite Cammerzell. Here, you can stay close to nature and feel the motto of the campsite: “Life is beautiful…”.

Trip Planner - Your individual travel guide

You want to make your own road trip with the camper? Then let us help you with the planning! Our team from the Trip Planner plans your individual road trip and is fully responsive to your wishes. Everything is thought of in your personal and digital travel guide: stops, camping places, restaurants & activities. The adventure can start!

Fancy some water sports?

A wooden canoe in the lake surrounded by trees.
Whether canoeing on the Wupper, tubing on the Erft or rafting on the Rhine: WUPPERKANU has the right tour for you. Discover nature from a whole new perspective! Of course, trained guides ensure safety during your adventure on all tours offered. It's about time to swing the paddle!
Camping tip: In the vicinity of WUPPERKANU you are spoiled for choice between a variety of campsites.

Discover Koblenz

View of Koblenz
When camping in Koblenz you have plenty of options. The landscape around the city on the water, characterized by castle ruins and vineyards not only looks beautiful from afar but you can also see it up close on various hiking trails. Tired of hiking? The cable car will take you up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. The fabulously beautiful Stolzenfels Castle and its gardens are a real highlight as well. As far as campsites are concerned,during your stay in Koblenz you have the choice between different sites which bring different advantages with them.

Fun in the water at the Bevertalsperre

Formerly an active industrial water reservoir, today it regulates the water level of the Wupper and is a recreational paradise: The Bevertalsperre provides more than a welcome cooling down in summer with its bathing areas and also entices with idyllic bays, walking paths and its own boat rental. The perfect place to escape the summer heat at least for a few days and unwind with relaxing activities.

Hiking for a good cause in the Ahr Valley

The Ahr Valley was hit hard by the flood disaster in 2021. The local gastronomy and tourism industry is in the process of rebuilding. In September and October you can participate in the event “Hiking for Reconstruction” which takes place on weekends and on the Day of German Unity to support them. Along the idyllic red wine hiking trail local wineries and restaurants await you to present the diversity of the Mittelahr.
Camping tip: Since the Eifel is a popular destination for camping enthusiasts, there are quite a few campsites in the Ahr Valley. Some of them have unfortunately not reopened since the disaster so keep your eyes open on the respective websites for relevant information.

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