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Trip Planner man is driving a camper
Trip Planner man is driving a camper

The Trip Planner


No more stressful planning

Your individual Trip Planner

Let's get your customized holiday planned by us! Our travel designers plan your individual route - no matter if you travel in a rented camper or your own.

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    Make the most of your holiday

    Don't waste time planning your trip and make the most of your valuable vacation time.

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    Custom travel

    We customize your trip to match your individual interests and needs.

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    Get inspired

    We give you inspiration for campsites, restaurants and activities along your route.

Step by step

Four steps to an individual journey

Let our travel designer plan your personalised itinerary with a selection of magnificent stops, campsites, activities and restaurants.

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    1. Book Trip Planner

    When booking the camper you can select the Trip Planner for 12€ per day or book it afterwards as a separate add-on product.

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    2. We get in touch

    In a questionnaire and a subsequent final interview we will learn everything about your vacation requests.

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    3. Let us do the planning

    Our trip planners put together your individual trip with destinations, route, stops, campsites, restaurants and activities.

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    4. Your Itinerary

    You'll receive your route as pdf or via the Trip Plans app. This way you'll always have your personal travel guide with you.

Lean back & relax

Your carefree package

The Trip Planner includes:

  • Travel inspiration
  • A personalized itinerary with stops
  • Sights at the stops
  • Restaurant/cafe recommendations
  • Campsite suggestions
  • Recommendations for activities in the area
  • Trip planning for every country in Europe

This is how it's done

Trip Planner booking

We're happy, if you are!

Happy Campers

  • Eine glückliche Kundin des CamperBoys Routenservice


    "The direct service was great. Julia was very sympathetic and turned our wishes and ideas into a fantastic trip!"

  • Routenservice - Glückliche Kund*innen geben Feedback

    Martin & Sarah

    "Our dog was part of the planning, thanks to Julia. It war a trip we all enjoyed extremely. I will absolutely book this again."

  • Happy Customers

    Catja & Fabian

    "A real win for camping newbies like us. Great ideas for kids and well chosen campsites at each and every stop."

  • Glücklicher Kunde des CamperBoys Routenservice


    "Surprising places we would never have found on our own. The trip planner really saved us time and stress planning. Top!"

Travel Planner FAQ

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions concerning our Travel Planner

What is the Trip Planner?

With the CamperBoys Trip Planner, we can design your individual digital travel guide for every country in Europe. No matter where you want to go or what you want to do on your trip - we've got you covered. We customize the trip according to your wishes and provide you with suggestions and inspiration for stops, campsites, restaurants and activities. You stay flexible! We do not book anything yet, but provide input - the trip remains yours!

How much does the Trip Planner cost?

The Trip Planner costs 12€ per day. Regardless of whether you book a camper with us or travel in your own camper.

What does the Trip Planner include?

The Trip Planner is tailored to you and your wishes. It includes an itinerary with various stops, tips on local sights and activities, as well as parking and restaurant recommendations. However, we also reach our limits when it comes to topics such as road quality, special features of XXL motorhomes (12m in length) or entry regulations for pedigree dogs.

Can I also book the Trip Planner later or for a trip with my own camper?

Yes, our Trip Planner can also be booked as a single product. If you've already rented your camper or are on the road with your own camper, you can easily book the Trip Planner afterwards.

I booked the Trip Planner. What's next?

One of our travel designers will get in touch and send you a questionnaire to find out as much as possible about you and what you expect from your holiday. Afterwards you will finalise your itinerary in a short phone call. As soon as your trip is ready, you can access it in the app (Travel Plans by Travefy), as a web link or we can send you a PDF.

Do you also book pitches and camp sites for me?

No, our Trip Planner gives you inspiration and recommendations. You still remain flexible! We do not book anything, we provide input - the trip remains yours!
For the peak season we recommend booking your pitch as early as possible. And: The sooner you book our Trip Planner, the sooner you will receive our recommendations.

How many days before departure can I book the Trip Planner with you?

We work to create your route as soon as possible. Usually you will receive it about 2-4 weeks before departure. However, for short term bookings it can be a bit tighter. However, we will send you recommendations for pitches and campsites earlier to facilitate possible advance reservations.

How many days before departure will I receive my itinerary?

This depends on how far in the future your departure date is at the time of booking. Usually, you will receive your itinerary 1-2 weeks before departure. For bookings on short notice you will receive your itinerary upon individual agreement. However, we will send you recommendations for pitches and campsites earlier to make it easier for you to book them in advance if you would like to.

I have received the itinerary and now I want to go somewhere else. Can I adjust the route?

If you decide to go somewhere else (e.g. because of the weather) we will be happy to plan a new itinerary for you. However, we cannot guarantee that a rescheduling is possible shortly before departure. It is best to reach out to us as early as possible. Please note that we will have to charge you for the new initerary.

Can I talk to you in advance to clarify some questions about the Trip Planner?

Sure, you can contact us by email at info@camperboys.com, via our contact form or by phone at the following telephone number +49 (0) 8141 396 3000.

What makes the Trip Planner your ideal travel companion?

  • We do the planning, so you can save time before your departure.
  • Our routes are tailored individually to your needs.
  • Our travel designers know lots of places you might not have thought of yourself (insider tips).
  • You can enjoy your holiday to the fullest instead of doing research while you are there.
  • Especially for newcomers to camping, the flood of information can be overwhelming. We will guide you through the jungle of information.

Is it possible to cancel the Trip Planner?

A cancellation of the Trip Planner is free of charge as long as you have not yet returned the questionnaire for individual route planning. After returning the questionnaire, a cancellation is subject to a fee.
If you have booked the Trip Planner in addition to one of our campers and have already completed the questionnaire, the following conditions for a cancellation apply:
  • Up to 60 days before the start of the rental period, the cancellation fee for the Trip Planner is 100%.
  • Between 60 days and 48 hours before the start of the rental, the cancellation fee for the Trip Planner is also 100%. These charges will be deducted from the voucher value you receive when you cancel your camper.

Awaken your wanderlust!

Travel inspiration

Here are a few examples of what a route from our Trip Planner can look like. Of course, your route will be even more detailed and customized to your needs.


Questions or booking request

Just text us your concern and we are happy to help.

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