Drone shot of a camper driving on a curvy street
Drone shot of a camper driving on a curvy street

Our Story


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Until 2016

Paul & Andi

Unsere Gründer Andi und Paul sitzen vor einer Wand
We met in the sports class of the Viscardi-Gymnasium Fürstenfeldbruck. At first we were classmates, then competitors and finally good friends.
Friends with two things in common: We both love adventures and burn for our ideas!


A Dream leads to ‚Woody‘

Paul und Andis altes Wohnmobil "Woody" steht auf einer Wiese.
On a balmy summer evening at Mammendorfer lake, we raved about our road trips in Asia and Australia.
We were so excited that we spontaneously decided to buy a camper together – our beloved Woody.
Only the financing part was a bit problematic.


The Start of ‚CamperBoys‘

Andi und Paul mit Gründungsurkunde vor dem Rathaus ihrer Heimatstadt.
The idea – Rent out Woody when we don’t need him.
That was the birth of CamperBoys. Faster than expected, the company was officially founded.
The concept worked and the demand for Woody was amazingly high. It quickly became clear that there was more to CamperBoys than financing Woody and satisfying our perpetual wanderlust.


Hobby becomes Business

Andi und Paul stehen mit einem VW T6.1 California Beach vor einem See
With a heavy heart we sold Woody and took the first fully equipped VW California Beach Vans into our fleet. Until then we ran CamperBoys as a hobby besides our studies, but slowly it became a serious business.
We took some start-up courses at Entrepreneur-TUM and got a place at the LMU Entrepreneurship Center.


Our first Rental Station

Andi und Paul mit einem Camper am Flughafen München.
We entered into a partnership with Munich Airport. There we had our own small office and could rent our campers directly from Munich airport.
The fleet grew by 15 VW California Oceans, CamperBoys became our full-time job and we hired our first interns and a dual student.


Lockdown – The End of CamperBoys?

Das kleine Camperboys-Team von 2020 steht vor einem Camper.
By now we had 33 campers, but the Covid-19 Pandemic brought everything to a halt. With a crowdfunding campaign we bridged the breakdown and reorganized internally.
In June, we were able to start renting out again with the first pickup team. In addition, we received a grant from MediaLab and moved our office into Werk1.


The Year of CamperBoys!

Das Camperboys-Team von 2021 steht vor einem Camper.
We celebrated our 5th birthday, opened our second location in Hamburg and expanded the fleet to 74 vehicles.
The CamperBoys team grew as well. By the end of the year we were a motley bunch of 41 camping fans, outdoor freaks, creative minds, organizational geniuses and tech nerds, all burning for adventure.


Even more Travel & Adventures

CamperBoys Gruppenfoto
Together we opened 4 more locations in Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Leipzig-Halle and grew the fleet to almost 400 campers.
We expanded our offer and became a travel provider. With the Adventures we offer complete packages for adventurous trips. Our route service plans individual road trips. And our CamperBoys app is the trusty companion for pitch hunting and trip planning on the road.

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